Challenge Tennis League | Round 1

Here Are results of our First round of Leagues, Allover there were 32 matches played which is quite impressive for the first round.

Oxford / Bicester

  1. Thierry Mamert
  2. Andy Iokamides
  3. Andrew Tacon
  4. Nil Angli

— not played any matches

Vasilis Kapetanakis
Adrian Cecchetto

  1. Cosmin Jica
  2. Alberto Lombardo
  3. Bo Tarras-Wahlberg
  4. Borut Rozman
  5. Neil Rowe
  6. Luis Castello Sola
  7. Xavier Ballesta
  1. Lee Harris
  2. Jamie Felton
  3. Matt Timms
  4. Tom Beckett
  5. Iurie Rusu
  6. Anthony Dixon
  7. Claudio Ruffman

Leamington Spa/Coventry


  1. Juan S.P. Rodriguez
  2. Antonio Ragosta

— not played any matches

Bernie Waldron
Morgan Greame
Adrian Cecchetto


  1. Bhandal Kartar
  2. Mohammed Usman
  3. Vincente Federico F.
  4. Kim Izzard

— not played any matches

Nikhil Wadhwa
Michal Libner

Mor details about matches can be seen bellow in the stats.

We restarted our leagues, we use myUTR, but here is more transparent view on our Leagues