About Our Website

About our Website

In this page, we will explain responsibilities of Challenge tennis towards users of website and players in Leagues.


1.1 When a player joins the Challenge league they enter into an agreement with Challenge tennis subject to this contract.

1.2 The individual players agree to abide by the League and Playing Rules as published on Challenge Tennis website (see link above).

1.3 The Individual will be contacted towards the end of each season for confirmation of its participation in the next season. By providing such confirmation the individual agrees to continue to be bound by these T&Cs.

1.4 All players must be aged 16 or over (with parental consent).

1.5 Challenge Tennis reserves the right to refuse any individual player entry to or continued participation in its league for breaches of these T&Cs, or of the Playing Rules or for any misconduct whatsoever, including that of the individuals supporters or associates.

1.6 Challenge Tennis is committed to promoting a competitive, fun tennis League and expects that all individuals entering into the league abide by fair play and courtesy.

1.7 As part of the League, match results will be collected on the League website and processed in line with UTR rankings.

1.8 There is an expectation that individuals who participate in the League have the necessary tennis clothing and equipment- including suitable tennis shoes and provide new or nearly new balls when meeting for a match.


2.1 Challenge Tennis is unable to provide personal injury insurance or player to player insurance; teams are advised to purchase this as a team or individually

2.2 Challenge Tennis takes care to select suitable, safe venues, and able officials. However, it does not have exclusive occupation of the venues and is, therefore, unable to control persons admitted to the venues or how they are used and left before each match/practice.

2.3 Individuals are responsible for ensuring that they do not allow their match to commence until and unless they are satisfied that the surface and other conditions are safe.

2.4 Individuals should report to a Challenge Tennis representative at the earliest opportunity any perceived dangers, violence (or threats thereof), or any other misconduct of whatever type.

2.5 Smoking, drinking alcohol and anti-social behavior is strictly forbidden at league venues. Challenge Tennis reserves the right to ban any individual in the event of any of the above.

2.6 In line with government guidelines please follow https://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/general-news/2020/march/coronavirus-covid-19—latest-advice/.


This privacy policy sets out the way we process your personal data and we’ve created this privacy policy to make sure you are aware of how we use your data as a member of our tennis league.

How we collect your information:

We may collect your personal data in a few limited ways, namely: Directly from you, when you fill in an application for membership, when you make inquiries on our website, or when you interact with us during your time as a member.

From the LTA (for example, where the LTA passes on your details to us in connection with a complaint or query you have raised about our Venue).

We may collect the following types of personal data about you:

  • Contact and communications information, including your contact details (including email address(es), telephone numbers, and postal address(es) and records of communications and interactions we have had with you).

Personal data provided to us will be used for the purposes set out at the time of collection and, where relevant, in accordance with any preferences you express. More generally, we will use your personal data for the following; to connect you to other players in the league and storing your details on the software platform we use for our online League member management database.

You are in control of how we communicate with you. You can update your choices and/or your contact details by contacting a League representative via the website.

Each individual has the right to leave the League and website and request for their details to be deleted from the League at any time